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Welcome To TIA

Taloja Industries Association (TIA), started in the year 2009, is a registered Association, which is formed by owners of Industrial units at MIDC Taloja and run by Industrialists/businessmen, who are stakeholders of their respective Industrial units. TIA was founded by likeminded Industrialists who had a common goal of improving infrastructure of Taloja Industrial Area and communicating the latest government regulations and policies to the member Industries.

Taloja Industries Association (TIA) is covered under the Trust Act. It's an NGO, whose Managing Committee members are all in honorary positions. Role of the Managing Committee is to protect the interest of the Industries, who have elected them to run the Association. They have the ultimate responsibility for directing the activities of TIA, ensuring it is well run and delivering the outcomes for which it has been set up.

TIA represents entire Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) enterprises and large scale units in Taloja MIDC Industrial area. It has its membership spread over the length and breadth of Taloja MIDC. In a genuine effort in embodying all Industries in Taloja MIDC, TIA fights against various problems plaguing the sector and removes all impediments coming in its way. This could be problems in road conditions, removing air & water pollution, removing encroachments, helping to set up new Industries, business development, executing CSR projects & resolving billing issues, to ensure Industries get continuous water and electricity supply etc.

MSME constitutes over 93% of total Industries in Taloja MIDC. MSME’s in Taloja MIDC generate the highest rates of employment, growth and account for a major share of industrial production and exports. Taloja MIDC employs over 3 lakh people in Taloja MIDC. It is spread over 876.97 hectares (2167 acres or 8769700 sqm or 94396265 sq feet). Over 1622 carved Industrial plots function in Taloja MIDC, where annual turnover is Rs. 1 lakh crore plus and annual export turnover is Rs. 15000 crores plus. Further, 42.18 km of total roads run across Taloja MIDC, which comprises 22.54km Cement Concretized roads and 19.64km of Asphalted roads.

Types of Industries in Taloja are varied and spread into Engineering, Chemicals, Dyes & Intermediates, Steel, Food processing, Glass, Fisheries, Pharmaceuticals, Gas & Fertilizers etc.

Over the past few years, delegates from Trade and Commerce sector, of nations like South Korea, China, UAE, UK & Australia are closely working with TIA with the intention of setting up their Industrial units in Taloja Industrial area. TIA is therefore towing the line and promoting the policies of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make in Maharashtra’ very aggressively.

Due to the vast experience, global knowledge and visionary insight, all the stakeholders of Taloja Industrial area requested Shri. Satish Shetty (Anna) to take up the responsibility of being the Hon. President of TIA. He was especially chosen as he is highly influential, well connected with Government, Ministers, Bureaucratic authorities and Industrial owners.

On a number of occasions, Shri. Satish Shetty (Anna), has saved Industries in Taloja MIDC, when they were facing Industrial problems. He is innovative and works on various strategies to resolve problems, which he follows up most agressively. He is often referred to as the Development Man of Taloja. He is always accessible and available to help the Industries.

Mr Satish Shetty (Anna) has headed TIA during the stints of - 3 years of 4 terms each-2009-2012, 2012-2015, 2015-2018 and 2018-2021. Currently, he is serving his 5th consecutive term for the tenure 2022-2027, as Hon. President of Taloja Industries Association (TIA). He is heading a highly aggressive team of TIA Committee members, names of whom are mentioned below-

  • Shri. Babu George, Hon. Vice President
  • Shri Bineet Salian, Hon. Secretary
  • Shri Rohit Bansal, Hon. Treasurer
  • Shri George Thampan, Hon. Joint Secretary
  • Smt Ritu Barmecha, Hon Joint Treasurer
  • Shri Bhavesh N. Mody, Hon. Committee Member
  • Shri Srinath Shetty, Hon. Committee Member
  • Shri Ajay Nair, Hon. Committee Member
  • Shri Saurabh Shah, Hon. Committee Member
  • Shri Jitendra Pawar,Hon. Committee Member

Since then, there was no looking back for Taloja Industrial Area, since the time Mr Satish Shetty (Anna) has been heading TIA. Worthwhile to note here that Taloja MIDC was the first Industrial area which achieved laying of cement concrete roads, HDPE pipelines for CETP, storm drainage arrangements, hot dip galvanization street light poles, introduced In-house Industrial services.

Mr Satish Shetty (Anna) had played a pivotal role in handing over Operational and Maintenance (O&M), Rehabilitation activities of Taloja CETP, to MIDC (project cost was Rs. 73,65,90,000 for 73 months ). This landmark decision of Mr Satish Shety (Anna) has brought back all the glories to Taloja CETP, whose inlet and outlet parameters are now adhering to the MPCB norms. Further, he has ensured that the total assets, plant and machinery, of Industrialists in Taloja MIDC, remains with Taloja CETP only.

Objectives of TIA-

  • To bring the MSMEs in Taloja MIDC, under one umbrella, and to address their issues effectively at National as well as State levels.
  • Fight against various Industrial related problems and remove any impediments coming in it's way.
  • Ensure any problem, which Industry reports, is diligently escalated, followed up and CLOSED.
  • To accomplish “Ease of doing business” for MSMEs.
  • Guide on improving productivity.
  • Help in Quality & technological upgradation & modernisation of MSMEs.
  • Help in Sales promotion & provision of Industrial services.
  • Organise conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Creating congenial environment for better entrepreneur, worker and customer relations.
  • Making various panels for better representation of MSMEs.
  • Better management.

Unlike any regular Industrial Association, TIA just doesn’t TALK about serving the Industries; it actually evaluates the problem, escalates it to relevant authority (if required), follows it up and makes sure that the problems are diligently CLOSED.

In line with its commitment to provide best services to the Industries, TIA offers various types of In-house services & vendors.

These services range from -

  • Industrial Insurance (Broker).
  • Banking/Finance loan and services
  • Provide services for end to end Real estate consultancy (Industries)
  • Facility Management Services (Security Guards & Housekeeping)
  • Manpower agencies, Payroll processing & HR solutions
  • Midday Meal, Catering and Cloud kitchen services, Sweet vendor
  • Factory Inspection, Testing, Structural Audit, Industrial Safety, Plant layout & other engineering services
  • Hospital facilities, Arranging Health check-ups & medical tests
  • Facilitate - ESIC consultancy
  • Provide Fire consultant, Gas Consultant
  • Recommend reputed Chartered Accountants
  • Provide vendor who sells/services-Metal door detectors, Intercom/PBX, Bio-attendance, Computer Sales & Service, AMC for CCTV, CCTV on rent.
  • Arrange Logistics services
  • Sales & AMC services - AC & Water purifiers
  • Arrange fuel delivery (doorstep)
  • Execute end to end civil works at Industries
  • Arrange vendor who has solutions for Pollution control & ETP
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Enterprise (Business Control), e-Governance, Firewall Antivirus & Software solutions
  • Travel & Tourism services (Local & worldwide).
  • Conduct Industrial courses, Industrial testing & engage in Apprenticeship from reputed Educational Institutes. Arrange Skill based training
  • Execute CSR & Social projects.

etc etc.

TIA also helps in executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding of Industries by offering the following social projects

  1. Save Environment (Kasardi river cleaning).
  2. Tree plantations.
  3. Infrastructure development at local schools.
  4. Local CCTV coverage project.
  5. Cancer Care Centre (in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital).
  6. Helping local fisherman community.
  7. Proposal fr Honey Bee Project at Taloja MIDC.

Managing Committee of TIA is profusely thankful to Mr Satish Shetty (Anna), since the last 10 years, as he has immensely helped the Industrialists and the Association, besides making sure that Taloja MIDC area blooms and prospers.