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Taloja Industries Association: Moving Ahead…

Taloja Industries Association was formed to look into the various issues plaguing MIDC Taloja. Be it Road conditions in Taloja MIDC, frequent power cuts, water cuts, truck parking, etc to poor representation of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise units in MIDC Taloja at various Government organizations level. Taloja MIDC is a rapidly growing and progressing industrial zone only 50 kms from CST and 8 kms from Panvel.

Area: 863.18 hectares, Area: 2157.95 Acres

Industrial Plots: 949 Plots, Industrial Sheds: 230 Sheds

Commercial plots: 17 Plots, PAP Plots: 151 Plots, Residential Plots: 2 Plots

Annual Turnover: Over Rs. 60000 Crs, Exports Turnover: Over Rs 9000 Crs

Employment-Direct: About 76000 employees, Indirect : About 49000 persons

To help facilitate better coordination many owners of industries decided to form an association of likeminded people willing to work for a cause and who have real concern for all manufacturing & service units in MIDC Taloja and who will work for the promotion and growth of all Industries in MIDC, Taloja.

Hence Industry Owners from the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Industries of MIDC, Taloja, came together to form the Taloja Industries Association. This association ensures a proper and positive coordination with MIDC and likewise other Government organizations in the developmental interest of actual Industry Owners in Taloja, especially MSME units who felt neglected. Taloja Industries Association will always work for creating an environment conductive to industrial growth in MIDC Taloja uninterrupted power supply, to have various mode of transport system, to have truck terminus, no water problems, good roads, Implement proper pollution control system and no encroachment share valuable information on legal & technical aspects, keep members informed about development in industry &market, about latest Government policies, rules, procedures and laws etc. apart from solving the problems of the Industries. Taloja Industries Association is a forum to bring Government Organizations and Industry together and service needs of the Industrial Fraternity.

Taloja Industries Association under the able leadership of its Hon’ President Shri. Satish Anand Shetty (Anna) and an excellent managing committee has so many achievements in such little time. Given below are few and many areas where coordination is on for betterment of MIDC Taloja.



Concretization of Engineering Zone (ABCD & E): A personal achievement for Shri. Satish Anand Shetty (Anna) Hon’ President of TIA who has been following up on this issue with MIDC for a few years now.

With concrete roads the heavy traffic movement in the Engineering zone will be smooth and roads in future will not have pot hole problems. Concrete storm water drain also ensure no water logging in the future.

Concretization of main MIDC Taloja Road: This will ensure people entering MIDC Taloja will have a smooth ride in and will get to their factories quickly. Total cost of both projects approximate Rs.62 crores. Efforts are on to extend this concretization road work unto Hikal in second phase.

2nd ROB opening up for traffic: This is a huge boost towards smooth traffic flow. Vehicles now can leave Taloja MIDC without getting stuck in Jams at Navda junction.

Truck Terminus: After constant follow up from TIA, MIDC has allotted a truck terminus in MIDC Taloja beside MIDC water tank. Hopefully when it’s fully operational this will ease congestion in the Engineering zone/ chemical zone.

Street lights: After a lot of follow up on the subject of Street lights, new octogen street light poles (hot dip galvanized) are replacing old ones in MIDC Taloja. This project budgeted at 3 crores by MIDC is highly appreciated.

Second access road from Dombivali to MIDC Taloja: The existing road which is concretized needs to be widened due to heavy traffic flow and a request is being forwarded to concerned people in MIDC. The Technova to Hikal ring road is pending too and our follow-up is on. Another area we are looking at is an emergency exit from MIDC Taloja Engineering zone towards Pendhar village. A meeting with CIDCO on this subject is going on.

CETP pipe lines: After MIDC has taken control of laying pipelines in MIDC Taloja; TIA has been following up with them on same. MIDC has placed a drainage line IInd phase (pumping house) to Ist phase (CETP collection center). Total area 7.1 kms at the cost of Rs 9 crores using HDPE pipe 630 mm diameters. CETP has added 10 mld to the previous capacity of 13 mld to accumulate max industries who wanted to go for expansion. This Rs 16 crores expansion has given them relief.

Water Relief: MIDC had made alternative arrangement of water supply for MIDC Taloja from Rasayani-Patalganga by laying a 7 km water pipeline (700 mm dia) costing 9 crores. This will ensure proper water supply to MIDC Taloja.

Fire Station: The Taloja fire station is fully equipped and well staffed to handle any emergencies in MIDC Taloja.

Encroachments: MIDC has to seriously tackle the menace of encroachment on its land by illegal shops and scrap dealers.

Small Commercial Shops : TIA has proposed to MIDC to allot small commercial plots for tea shops, PCO, Fax, Photocopy, Tyre Repairs, Motor Rewinding, Electricians, Canteens, Sauchalaya and some more Weigh Bridge plots in and around Taloja MIDC.


There is no power cut in MIDC Taloja. Only shut downs on Tuesdays for preventive maintenance. MSEDCL has budgeted Rs. 104 crores for development of infrastructure for Panvel Division is under process. This will enable putting up of 8 new 33Kva substations with one at Navade Phata that will benefit our industrial zone. The proposed overhead HT lines will run into 317 kms over and above the existing 500 kms. Under ground cable will be 40 kms. Panvel Division currently having 773 transformers will have new distribution transformers 534 nos, (70% increase) out of which 30 new ones will be in MIDC Taloja. Regarding LT lines, overhead will be 160 kms in addition to the existing 741 kms with underground cabling being 63 kms. On issuing new LT connection the infrastructure cost will be borne by MSEDCL. This work by MSEDCL is highly appreciated.


Metro Rail Project: CIDCO has planned a Metro Rail project which will be from Belapur to Khandeshwar via Taloja- Kalamboli. TIA Hon’President Shri Satish Anand Shetty (Anna) is working hard on this issue to get this project line to enter MIDC Taloja and get same re-routed via Engineering zone (ABCDE), Technova, Rexam, MIDC office on main road, New Chemical Zone, CETP, SEZ and Kalomboli Steel yard. TIA is coordinating same with CIDCO and MIDC. This will benefit lakhs of commuters daily and be a big boost to the infrastructure development of MIDC Taloja. Property price escalation will be inevitable in MIDC Taloja.

Navi Mumbai Airport: CIDCO has always been in the forefront of pioneering development in the city of Navi Mumbai. Besides the Metro rail project CIDCO has planned the Navi Mumbai International Airport, a giant project which promises to change the course of air travel for millions within the Mumbai region. Considering the city's increasing need of air transport, CIDCO has proposed a domestic airport as a part of the Navi Mumbai development process.The facilities planned for this new airport include passenger and cargo terminal buildings, aprons, taxiways, runway system, cargo complex, air traffic control tower, airfield lighting system, NAVAIDs, general aviation, maintenance hangars, long-term aircraft parking, catering, GSE, utilities and infrastructure including roads, car parking, power supply system etc. All in all a world class facility which will help improve the economy of the entire region including. Taloja MIDC which is 8kmfrom the new Airport. This will provide a major boost for the development of MIDC Taloja and bring it right in the fore front of all Industrial zones. CIDCO will make the airport accessible to the citizens of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai through all major forms of transport including the road networks, the metro, the suburban railways and even via a hovercraft service.

3rd ROB coming soon: Another ROB (3rd for us) is in the pipeline over the Railway crossing between CETP/ SEZ road and Kalomboli Steel yard / food land junction. The tender for the 3rd ROB planned by CIDCO has already been issued and hope fully work will start soon.


Road coming from Taloja MIDC crossing ROB at Navde creates traffic at junction. MIDC has provided a 6 lane ROB at Navde for smooth traffic.But due heavy usage by trucks from Dombivali and Thane - Mumbra the traffic at this junction has increased. Hence TIA has requested MSRDC to plan fly over at old Mumbai Pune highway from Navde village towards Taloja village. This will help improve movement in smooth traffic.

Public Transport: BEST AC buses plying from Wadala to Kalomboli have brought relief to so many Owners and Executives of member industries. We have requested BEST to extend this service into MIDC Taloja. NMMT buses inaugurated from CBD to Taloja Hikal stopped due to local objection may restart soon. KDMT is successfully running their bus service from Panvel Railway Station to Kalyan Railway Station through MIDC Taloja.

Law and Order: Taloja MIDC has shown good improvement in areas of law and order. The Taloja Police Station has opened a new beat chowkie and constant patrolling has helped controlling crime. TIA has requested an increase in man power and vehicles for patrolling Taloja MIDC. The Police station has got a new community hall on the first floor which is a good meeting place for Industries, Local village committees etc. A new chowkie at end of ROB on old Mumbai- Pune highway will help them keep a proper watch on the area.

MTNL: This has been a grey area for MIDC Taloja. Poor service, lack of manpower and no solution to the current problems faced by the industry with most of the Telephones in Engineering zone MIDC Taloja broken down due to concretization work. New cables need to be laid immediately. MTNL need to review its role and improve services just like MIDC and MSEDCL has been doing for the Industry.

A special thanks to…

Shri Praful Patel: Hon'ble Union Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise.

We at TIA are aware of the dynamism with which Shri Patel leads his ministry. We have seen thetremendous work he has done in the Avaition sector which was under him, also includes his important role in helping Mumbai get its new airport ensuring the plan made by CIDCO is excellent and passes all norms of the environment ministry. The Airport is close to MIDC Taloja too. A special thanks to him for this. As Hon'ble Union Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise he has said the foremost duty of his new ministry would be to strengthen the foundation of heavy industries and public sector enterprises. He has further stated that if the government executes public enterprises in the right direction and gives them power, then the enterprises can be strengthened in the era of competition. We at TIA wish him the very best.

Shri Prithviraj Chavan: The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra is known for his serious and dynamic approach. Knowing Shri Chavan is a well known administrator, we all are sure Maharashtra will continue on the path to growth. Current his portfolios include General Administration, Information and Public Relations, Urban Development, Transport and Mines .

Shri Ajit Pawar : The Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister for Finance & Planning and Energy is know for his foresight and is working hard towards making Maharashtra self-sufficient in power. MSEDCL: has made excellent progress under his able leadership. MIDC too do not have to face power cuts due to the excellent planning by his ministry.

Shri Narayan Rane: The Hon'ble Minister for Industries and Chairman of MIDC is responsible for policies that will help Industries big and small to make rapid progress. Some good schemes have been launched for MSME's which will help them establish in a long way and new SEZ are planned. Under the able leader ship of Shri Narayan Rane all MIDCs will look to grow into self sufficient industrial townships.

Shri R.R.Patil: Hon'ble Minister for Home Shri RR Patil's able leadership has helped in getting crime controlled all over Maharashtra. Taloja MIDC also has seen a drop in Crime. This augments well for the Industry.

Shri Sunil Tatkare: The Hon'ble Minister for water resourses is also the Guardian Minister for Raigad district. He has made sure that there is peace and progress in this area. Under his leadership Raigad district is looking to leap ahead.

Shri Ganesh Naik : The Hon'ble Minister for Excise, has been guardian minister for Navi Mumbai for long and results are there for one and all to see. A man with tremendous vision, Shri Ganesh Naik has always been a pro-development man and with the proposed Navi Mumbai Airport coming up this area will develop further.

Shri Hassan Mushriff: Hon'ble Minister for Labour and special assistance is evolving a labour policy, which will help in improving labour productivity and ensure good working conditions for workers. In an effort to bring in labour into the banking fold, the Maharashtra Government has launched a labour management system called ‘Mahashramm'. This public-private partnership, is aimed at bringing two crore labour in the State, both in the organised and the unorganised sector, under the banking net.

Shri Jaydatta Kshirsagar: Hon'ble Minister for Public Works Department (Public Undertakings) and Chairman of MSRDC has been ensuring rapid progress for our Bandra-Worli Sea Link, the Western Inland Passenger Transport, Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link between Sewri and Nhava Seva and Eastern Waterways project many such projects to ensure top class, efficient transport for our region.

Shri Sachin Ahir: The Hon'ble State Minister for Industries is know for his dynamism and as the Vice Chairman of MIDC he looks after policy making to help in the rapid industrial growth of all MIDC's in Maharashtra and the new SEZ's planned.

Shri Prashant Thakur: Young and dynamic Local MLA Shri Prashant Thakur is known for his aggressive predevelopment of Industrial stance. He is also championing the cause of local employment by Industries.

Shri Nakul Patil: CIDCO Chairman Shri Patil has been in the forefront in the rapid progress of CIDCO. CIDCO has always been the leader in the development of the city of Navi Mumbai and Navi Mumbai has become another Urban alternative to the very congested Mumbai. Shri Namdeo Bhagat, Director & Shri Subash Bhoir, Director have helped Shri Patil in all the endeavours that have made CIDCO a name to reckon with.

Metro Rail

You must be aware of CIDCO's proposed prestigious METRO Rail Project that will start from CBD Belapur, pass Kharghar, Taloja Village, Navade, Kalomboli and go to Khandeshwar. This Project may start work soon.

Shri Satish Anand Shetty (Anna), Hon. President of Taloja Industries Association has been following up with Shri Tanaji Satre, MD CIDCO and concerned official of MIDC on this subject with a proposal to bring the METRO Rail project to pass through Taloja MIDC. The proposal by TIA President requests CIDCO to re-route the Metro line through the Engineering zone (ABCDE), pass via Technova, Rexam, MIDC office main road, CETP, SEZ, and Kalamboli Steel yard.

With this request to CIDCO to reroute the to station Number 13 & 14 to come to Taloja MIDC is under consideration which will enter MIDC Taloja. This proposal by TIA will help lakhs of commuters daily and give a big boost to the infrastructure of MIDC Taloja whose weak link has always been public transportation.


Category-wise Membership:

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