From The Presidents Desk

Dear Friends,

As the Hon' President of Taloja Industries Association I take great pleasure in publishing this 2011 edition of MIDC Taloja Industrial Directory. With excellent support from the managing committee this directory has been published in record time.

I thank my managing committee for all their support and excellent unity in working on various projects for the betterment of MIDC Taloja. I believe this edition of the directory will be of immense use to all industries, in and around Taloja MIDC and new ones planning to set up industries here. Of course it will also help people who look at Industries in Taloja MIDC for business associations, trade etc.

The last one year has almost flown by at breath-taking speed. Things are finally looking better in our industrial belt. I would like to thank our government agencies for helping in the development of infrastructure in Taloja MIDC. Our constant follow up with MIDC has shown positive results. The second ROB opening up, road concretization projects, CETP Pipelines, water pipelines, MIDC expansion plans, spell good for our area.

I would like to thank Shri Subash Sonavane Collector Raigad for his support to the industry. I also take this opportunity in thanking MIDC for their foresight and -helping in working towards a common goal in making MIDC Taloja a world class place for industries. A special thanks to Dr. Kshatrapati Shivaji (IAS) CEO MIDC, Shri Mohan Thombare Jt. CEO MIDC, Mr R.V.Sonje CE(HQ) MIDC, Shri Milind Kumar Deshmukh CFO MIDC, Shri Kamlakar Akode Chief Planner MIDC, Shri Deelip Gutte R.O. Mahape, Shri U.H.Meshram SE MIDC Panvel, Shri V.S.Panikar SE Dombivali MIDC, Shri B.K.Verulkar SE (E&M) MIDC, Shri B.V.Zanje EE Alibaug MIDC, Shri D.S.Dharade EE Dombivali MIDC, Shri D.R.Chavan EE (E&M) Ambernath MIDC, Shri A.V.Rathod Area Manager Taloja, Shri R.P.Patil Deputy Engineer Taloja, Shri M.K.Bodhe(E&M) Deputy Engineer Taloja, Shri S.S.Jagtap Deputy Engineer Taloja and all involved in this makeover of MIDC Taloja.

CIDCO has planned a Metro Rail project which will be from Belapur to Khandeshwar via Taloja- Kalamboli. I am working hard on this issue to get this project line to enter MIDC Taloja and am coordinating same with CIDCO and MIDC. This will benefit lakhs of commuters daily and be a big boost to the infrastructure of MIDC Taloja whose weak link has always been transportation. CIDCO has also planned for a ROB at the railway crossing on the CETP- SEZ road passing Kalamboli steel yard. This will help ease traffic flow in MIDC Taloja. Another area I am looking at is an emergency exit from MIDC Taloja Engineering Zone towards Pendhar village. A meeting with CIDCO on this subject is going on. Here I would like to give a Special Thanks to Shri Tanaji Satre Vice-Chairman & Managing Director and Shri M.D.Lele Chief Planner, CIDCO for all the good work they have done for development of Navi Mumbai and the surrounding region.

Another feather in CIDCO’s cap is the Navi Mumbai International Airport, a giant project which promises to change the course of air travel for millions within the region. Considering the city's increasing need of air transport, CIDCO has proposed a domestic airport as a part of the Navi Mumbai development process. This is indeed a boon for the entire region including Taloja MIDC which will reap benefits and gain economically.

Our constant meeting with MSEDCL has been fruitful. Service has improved; new projects are in the pipeline. A budget of Rs. 104 crores for development of infrastructure for Panvel Division has been passed and MIDC Taloja will be benefited from this. There will be new substations, transformers, HT lines, LT lines for betterment of service MSEDCL is increasing manpower for maintenance. Taloja unit of MSEDCL now has a vehicle during night for quick response to breakdowns. And to cap it I am happy that Taloja MIDC had no arrears in bill payments.

I would like to also thank Shri Ajoy Mehta Chairman MSEDCL, Shri S G Karpe Chief Engineer who heads MSEDCL Bhandup Urban Zone, his dedicated team comprising of Shri D.S.Saboo Superintending Engineer Vashi Circle, Shri D.V. Khanande Executive Engineer Panvel, Shri Jadhav Dy. Executive Engineer Panvel, and the local team comprising of Shri G.G.Gavane Jr. Engineer Taloja & Shri M.M. Patil Jr. Engineer Taloja who work round the clock to ensure we get uninterrupted power supply.

Again a warm thanks to Shri Radhesham Mopalwpar Member Secretary MPCB for his foresight in making Taloja MIDC a clean and green zone by implementing of proper pollution control system with his team Shri B.B.Nimbrate Regional Officer, Shri S.A.Deshpande Sub Regional Officer, Shri T.Yadav Field Officer, Shri S.D.Dahiphale Field Officer, Shri A.T.Deshmukh Field Officer, Shri Bansole Field Inspector. Hearty acknowledgements to all concerned Labour Commissioner Shri Arvind Kumar, Shri A.E.Chivate Asst Labour Commissioner, Shir L.Y.Bhujbal Labour Officer, Shri S.H.Sawant Labour Officer, Shri S.N.Mhatre Labour Officer & Smt L.V.Khot Labour Officer & in DISH Shri R.M.Joshi Jt Director, Shri S.P.Kulkarni Deputy Director, Shri A.S.Kawtikwar Deputy Director, Shri A.B.Pawar Deputy Director, Shri V.V.Katamwar Asst Director.

I also would like to thank the police department for its services it has rendered for Law and Order and Traffic management. We have Shri D. Sivanandan DGP and a new Police Commissioner Shri Javed Ahmad who is known to have an excellent record and we are sure he will carry on the good work as his predecessors and his excellent local team comprising of Shri Ankush Shinde DCP Zone-II & Shri P.L.Sandanshive ACP Panvel. MIDC Police station too has a new able Sr. Police Inspector Shri Datta K Ghule heading it.

I would also like to thank Central Excise Commissioner Shri Shankarlal Meena Deputy Commissioner, Shri V.P.Shukla, Shri G.C.Meena Taloja Range-I Superintendent, Shri R.K.Agashe Taloja Range-II Superintendent, Shri D.V.Ghorpade Taloja Range-III Superintendent,Shri P.H.Acharya Taloja Range-IV Superintendent,Shri V.L.Kamble Taloja Range-V Superintendent,Shri Y.N.Shastri Taloja Range-VI Superintendent.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Taloja CETP Co-op Society Ltd. Shir G.L.Roman General Manager, CETP, and Shri S.N.Joshi General Manager Admin CETP, Shri Dinkar.N.Adhav Chief Operating Officer (MWML)Mumbai Waste Management Ltd.

A special thanks to Enkay Gardens Shri Bupesh Babu for their support.

I finally appeal to all Industries in MIDC Taloja, especially MSME units to help us make our Taloja Industries Association strong and united. TIA will always work for creating an environment conductive to industrial growth in Taloja MIDC, share valuable information on legal & technical aspects with members, keep all informed about development in industry & market, about latest Government policies, rules, procedures and laws etc. apart from solving the problems of the Industry. We believe there is a solution for any type of problem and we will always stand by our member industries.

Warm Regards,

Shri Satish Anand Shetty (Anna)

Hon'ble President