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Achievements of Taloja Industries Association (TIA) are numerous. We have listed out some of these below-

  • In the past-Various roads in Taloja MIDC were earlier not usable and filled with potholes.
    NOW-TIA ensured that roads were concretized with cement.
  • New road was connected between Roadpalli to Taloja MIDC.
  • In the past-People had to use roads, which intersected Railway crossings, whereby wait time for trains to pass by, was around 25mnts to 40mnts. Moreover, frequency of such trains was high, which further aggravated the waiting time period.
    NOW-TIA ensured Rail over bridges were constructed wherever required. Hence provision of rail over bridges turned out to be a boon to all.
  • TIA made sure that flyovers were constructed to connect-Nawade to Taloja MIDC, Foodland to CETP.
  • TIA ensured that street lights were replaced with hot dip galvanized street lights at different locals.
  • TIA made sure that open gutters were converted to footpaths.
  • Storm drainage lines were laid out throughout Taloja to make sure there was no water stagnation.
  • RCC pipelines were replaced by HDPE pipelines.
  • River Policy-
    In the past-In year 2009, River policy was implemented by State government. This created a big problem for Industries at Taloja because under this policy, they were not allowed to make additional Industrial products. Similarly, they were not allowed to increase their production capacity.
    NOW-After the timely intervention of TIA, the River Policy got scrapped.
  • Kharghar toll naka-
    In the past-All vehicles travelling from Taloja had to pay toll fees at Kharghar toll naka.
    NOW-TIA members were given special permission and were exempted to pay toll fees.
  • Metro stations-
    In the past-In the earlier metro plan; no route existed to cover areas in Taloja MIDC.
    NOW-TIA ensured that two Metro stations were created inside Taloja MIDC belt, which should make travel very easy for people working out of Taloja belt.
  • Ghanta Gadi (Cleanliness)-
    TIA made sure that facility for picking up garbage from Taloja MIDC was arranged through regular trips by garbage disposal vans.
  • NMMT Bus facility-
    Bus facility launched between Belapur to Taloja (Route no. 371).
  • Tree plantations-
    TIA made sure that trees were planted between road dividers along Taloja MIDC.
  • TIA ensured that top authorities in MSEDCL were invoked to address the massive power issues prevalent in Taloja MIDC. In addition, Whatsapp group was initiated by TIA, which comprised of MSEDCL authorities and many Industrialists. This group is specifically meant to escalate and resolve the power issues most seamlessly.
  • Roads in M & J block in Taloja MIDC have been asphalted. For a long time, these roads were in a very bad shape.
  • In the past-The road, leading from Taloja CETP, via flyover, to Foodland factory, is badly damaged and often, cases of accidents and damages to vehicles are common.
    NOW- Road, across Taloja CETP, leading through Railway over bridge, towards Foodland Factory, will be concretized soon. Tender has been released.